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A few weeks ago I interviewed someone rather important at the Ministry of Culture. We were talking about the problems of professional training in music academies. That a problem exists was recognised, that a solution can be found was not – not, at least, by the ministry. Why not? The academies are independent state-owned institutions and the ministry only pays the bills. This didn`t seem right, so I pressed my point.
Finally, as if struck by a sudden revelation, this bureaucrat admitted, "There is one solution if students really want one. They can go abroad."
Incredulous, I asked if this was a serious proposal. It was.
Neat and honest, if immoral.
On the day I am writing, it was revealed that a young reporter attached to the London Daily Mirror has been working undercover for the last few months at Buckingham Palace. His last duty, before his boss exposed him and the Palace security system was revealed to be fatally flawed, was to deliver fruit and chocolates to President Bush's suite. What if he'd been a terrorist and what, with this mole at its middle, was the purpose of the millions of dollars spent on the President's security ring?
The Poles make little claim that their public institutions are healthy. The British manage to fool themselves, and a great many others, that theirs are. Well-fed, well-shod bureaucrats certainly help to give credibility to that impression. But there is a worm eating its way through the fruit. It is complacency. Add to this mediocrity and self-interest and you are well on the road to ruin.

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